Missionaries We Support

We support our missionaries through Faith Promise Giving.

You may visit their website or contact them via email. However, please do not send attachments, any pictures in your message, or forwarded messages unless you ask permission from them first. In some areas phone lines are very bad and receiving an attachment or really long messages takes several minutes of long distance charges. Let’s be good stewards of God’s time and money. Thank you.

We have other missionaries serving in other countries but due to safety concerns and the nature of their work, we do not list their names. In all there are 38 missionary works that we support worldwide.

Christian Law Association www.christianlaw.org Legal Defense
Kevin & Mary Bennett kevin32236@yahoo.com Hong Kong
Mel Brown bama4u@bellsouth.com USA/Philippines
Jonathan & Laura Bryan jlbinmex@gmail.com Mexico
Terry & Maria Burcham terry.burcham@yahoo.com Mexico
Chris & Camille Faulkner Christopher.Faulkner74@gmail.com Sardinia, Italy
David & Beth Gates christisworthy01@gmail.com Arabs of America
Bob & Brenda Himes behimes6100@yahoo.com Deaf/Philippines
Brett & Jenny Hoffman brettnjentonewzealand@gmail.com New Zealand
Josh & Jenny Kidd joshkidd@preachteams.org Cape Verde
Steve & Debbie Kilpatrick sckilpatrick@gmail.com Alabama Church Plant
Jim & Pat King jimandpat10@yahoo.com Polk County Prison
Luke & Jamie Knickerbocker knickprint@yahoo.com Nepal
David & Justine Laodima davidlaodima@hotmail.com.fr Togo, West Aftica
Todd & Kim Lapatos lapatos2austria@yahoo.com Austria
Bob & Jennifer Larson jenboblars@hotmail.com USA
Jonathan & Rachelle Lyons jonrachlyons@gmail.com BMFP Representative
Kristine McLaughlin inhimbygrace@gmail.com Ivory Coast
Preach Evangelistic Ministries office@preachteams.com Seymour, Missouri
James & Rosie Miyashita james@ReachingJapan.com Japan
Michael & Martha Mullins baptistlight@yahoo.com Chili
Jerrold & Karen Myers mbcwmjgm@yahoo.com South Africa
Aaron & Christian Pack packfamilyusa@gmail.com Alabama Church Plant
Damian & Ruth Ann Pickett england4christ@msn.com Great Britan
John & Janet Pinnix john@thepinnixfamily.com Alaska
Paul & Terri Pritchard office@preachteams.org Seymour, Missouri
Philip & Sarah Pritchard pritchardphillip@gmail.com Cape Verde
Byron & Tricia Sarracino sarracinos1@peoplepc.cpm New Mexico
Jerry & Itzen Shaw Jr elviejitoj@yahoo.com.mx Mexico
Ben & Katie Shore bshore@baptistworldmission.org Scotland
Phil & Melody Stephens stephenstozambia@gmai.com Zambia
Dave & Dara Turner davepalmer46@yahoo.com Eastern Europe
Jean-Louis & Diane Van Meris jeanlouis.vanmeris@sfr.fr France
Pamela Wieler pamelawieler@gmail.com Botswana
Steve & Connie Zeinner stevezeinner@hotmail.com Bible Printing
North Africa
Middle East